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Welcome to Billy Tees ... the place for your quality and classic college apparel. Billy Tees is dedicated to producing the highest quality t-shirts with only the best classic designs. It is our goal to produce that super comfortable, perfect fitting shirt that will always be the first choice when you decide to show your school pride.

History of Billy Tees

Billy Tees was founded in 2010 by Bill Thrush, a 2003 alumn of the University of Dayton. Now Living in Oregon, Bill was looking for some UD apparel to show off his Flyer allegiance to all the Pac-10 (12) fans that surrounded him. Unable to find what he was looking for, he decided to just make his own. In an effort to provide some great shirts to others who shared the same frustration, Billy Tees was born. Upon request of friends and family, Billy Tees is busy expanding to other under-represented Ohio schools. Hope you enjoy!

Quality, Authenticity and Social Consciousness

Billy Tees shirts are created through a unique design process to create that perfect vintage feel and effect. All Billy Tees products have been approved and licensed by the respective institution and come adorned with a label from the Collegiate Licensed Properties Association assuring their authenticity. Additionally, Billy Tees is a proud member of the Fair Labor Association™. All shirts are produced in the U.S.A. and in accordance with FLA labor standards.